How To Be Okay With Being Ordinary

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“Extraordinary magic is woven through ordinary life. Look around!”
Amy Leigh Mercree

Social Media is great when you want to connect with a long lost friend or catch up with what’s happening around the globe but like everything, it has its cons.

Whenever you go online, you see people doing amazingly extraordinary things with their life, you see them living a life you can only dream off, and then in comparison, you think you are not living a good life, you feel like you are not doing anything worthy with your life, you feel like you are living on the sideline

When the self-help industry tells you that you are special and different and you can achieve all that your heart desire, you feel like you have to do something extraordinary and exceptional or else you are wasting your life, this premise is completely wrong, most of us are going to be ordinary at most things we do.

Only 1% of the world’s population become extraordinary because of their contribution to society. Not everyone can be as talented as Picasso or as intelligent as Stephen Hawking.

Being an exceptional performer like Beyonce or an athlete like Kobe is not as easy as it looks they practice consistently to achieve excellence in their field, we don’t always know their struggles and their failures.

so we have to accept the undeniable truth that we are in fact average, we might never have a myriad of followers or subscribers. We will live and die as an ordinary person.

But is being ordinary that bad?

No, it’s not.

Mediocrity is not a terrible thing,

You don’t have to be extraordinary to have a meaningful and valuable life.

“Do ordinary things with extraordinary love.” ~ Mother Teresa

The ordinary things often are the most important thing in life, may it being a good parent, an honest friend, or an understanding partner. These are the things that matter most in life, this is how you will be remembered by your loved ones when you pass away.

Being a world-class performer or a great athlete does not mean that you will also be all these things, in fact, on the contrary, many celebrities have a hard time balancing a personal and professional life, we normal people have a hard time finding this balance so just think how much harder it would be for them,

I don’t know about you but I sure want to be remembered as a kind and caring person by my family and friends, I want them to remember me by all the great moments I had with them rather than by my professional achievements.

You don’t need to be extraordinary to make an impact on someone’s life.

“Your ordinary acts of love and hope point to the extraordinary promise that every human life is of inestimable value.” ~ Desmond Tutu

You can make a difference in someone’s life by just being kind, by looking after the less fortunate, feeding a homeless man, supporting a Nobel cause, donating in a charity.

Kindness is simple to practice yet so fewer people try it, being polite, helping a colleague, listening to a friend’s troubles, saying thank you, tipping properly are all forms of kindness. Be kind and I guarantee you, you will feel worthy of yourself.

Every kind act you perform make an impact on someone’s life, you encourage others to have empathy and that’s how you make this world a better place.

You are where you were meant to be

“Do not compare yourself to others. You have a unique destiny and mission that only you can accomplish.” — Mariane Pearl

Think about the progress that you have made, your achievements don’t undermine them because they are not extraordinary, celebrate them because you worked hard for them and you deserve them. Don’t demean your victories by comparing yourself to others.

Don’t be too hard on yourself, take a deep breath, and look around you, count your blessings be thankful for them, especially in these tough times. Work on yourself to become a better person.

You are exactly where you need to be and you need to work hard to achieve your goals, perseverance will get you there.

Know that you are valued by your near and dear ones, that you are contributing to society by just being you.

Being ordinary is underrated, it takes courage, kindness, and positivism to survive in this world.

So, don’t be afraid of the ordinary.



10x Top Writer| Certified Yoga Trainer| I write about health, fitness, lifestyle, and more. Open to writing gigs. Contact:-

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Khyati Jain

10x Top Writer| Certified Yoga Trainer| I write about health, fitness, lifestyle, and more. Open to writing gigs. Contact:-