Blake Lively’s trusted trainer will make a healthy lifestyle easier for you.

We are a celebrity-obsessed society. You want to know everything that goes on in the life of your favorite celebrity. Celebrities are of great curiosity for us common folk. We try to follow them in trends, to be more like them.

So, it was obvious that when I got curious…

Eat these foods daily for a healthier and younger brain.

Nutrition is of utmost importance for brain development in kids and adults. My poor mum was extremely stressed when my siblings and I would leave the house without having any breakfast. So, she started putting a handful of nuts in my blazer’s pocket every morning before I left for school.

Do these little things daily to protect your digestive system from festive binge eating.

A women drinking wine.

Christmas is just around the corner. The season of gift-giving and binge eating is finally here.

Weight gain and bloating are common after-effects of eating yourself to death. You know you should stop but it is not easy to garner the self-control you need to stop.

Worrying about the bloated…

Obsession can make you do crazy things.

Are you happy when you look at yourself in the mirror? Do you wish you had a better body? If you were given a chance to switch bodies with someone whose body will you choose?

Humans are shallow creatures, the first thing you will notice about someone is their physical…

Khyati Jain

Certified Yoga Trainer. I love yoga and long naps. I write about health, fitness, lifestyle, and more. Open to writing gigs. Contact:- khyatijain0110@gmailcom

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